Sunday, June 19, 2011

Automatic Water Dish!

So today I was at the feed store for the guinea pigs' hay, and I came across a reasonably priced filtered automatic water fountain for cats. I heard that they encourage cats to drink more water, and since it has a filter and its moving water, it probably wont get so scummy. I decided to buy it and see how they liked it. I got this model:

fresh flow deluxe

It was very easy to put together if you read the directions. It was leaking at first so I had to figure out what I did wrong, but after I put it back together, it works fine. It is so quiet and the stream of water is slow. I dont think my cats would like a noisy water dish, or one with a fast stream. It's nice and big, so it holds plenty of water. When I plugged it in, the cats were immediately interested..

Cats watching water fountain

Leo wasn't afraid, but curious. Dutch on the other hand was quite cautious about the whole thing! Neither have taken a drink yet, but I will let you know if it happens. I have read that some cats wont touch the thing. We will see.

While at the feed store I also picked up one of these bad boys, I knew it would be a kicking toy for Duchess.

cat kicking sock toy

catkicking sock toy

and of course, I was right!!

On another note, sorry I haven't updated lately. I think as a new blogger it is very hard to get the motivation to post new topics regularly, especially when I am just starting out. How did you guys get the motivation and the ideas to post topics regularly? I would love to hear from you.

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  1. going shopping for pets (especially cats and dogs) is always fun. :) i've been curious about these kind of drinking fountains, but have yet to try one. i wonder how it'll go over with your cats. :)

    no worries about the updating. update whenever you have something to update about. you shouldn't feel obligated about it or anything. as for inspiration/motivation... it all comes from the subject of your blogging, ie your cats. let them inspire/motivate you!