Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cat Trees

Since I noticed some people said they were in the market for a new cat tree, I decided to post again, with a fun range of awesome cat trees!

First, I am going to start off with some basic cat trees, and at good prices.

Here is our cat tree! It is an Armarkat, and I purchased it from I find that its best to buy big items from the O because shipping is usually free, and when its not its always under $2.95.
It is on sale for $125.00 and its right here! Shipping is fast and its a breeze to put together. Looks nice and blends into our home.

If you have a lot of space, this cat tree looks so cool! It's by Gocat and you can find it here!

cat tree
Here is a good one if you dont have a lot of room to dedicate to a cat tree. Its cheap too!

Now I would like to focus on some "luxury" and "innovative" cat trees. One my my favorite sites for cool stuff is Etsy!!

Etsy seller PetTreeHouses sells the MOST AMAZING realistic cat trees, and they make one for every price range.




Aren't they just amazing??? They use real tree parts too!

Etsy seller Franklincatfurniture makes a really cool modern cat tree.


If you dont have any floor space, you could install some shelves to your walls, specifically for your kitties!! They now sell a lot of shelves made just for this purpose, but it can get a little expensive! They have cheap shelving units at Ikea and stores a like.

We have these. Make sure they are installed properly and are STURDY enough to hold your cat.

Find them here.

There are SOO many more awesome products I could post. My recommendation is to really research! You just may find something unique! Try to avoid buying cat trees from pet stores because they tend to be super expensive, unless they are having a sale. What are your favorite cat trees?


  1. The Big Thing just orded a new cat tree yesserday. We sure hoe it looks like that 2nd picture!l
    We added you to our RSS kist...

  2. I would really love to have each one of those, but we sure would need a bigger house!

  3. Those are some very fine looking cat trees. Some of those are really huge and would take up a lot of room...but boy are they nice.

  4. Wow those all look like great cat trees! We understand needing one in a small apartment - we had shelves the cats loved to climb when we lived in ours. We have seen that gocat one and it is awesome looking - it looks like it would have enough room for all 7 cats at our place. But that modern one is very cool - it fits our decor more. And that is funny that you decided to show that shelf - we have those shelves (used as actual shelves) in our entryway at home, and I have actually thought about getting more and using them for the cats to climb!

  5. Wow! Fantastic cat trees. Those ones with tree parts would be fun to hide in.

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