Thursday, May 19, 2011

Leaving your cats for a vacation..

So I have to admit that I am getting a little bit nervous. I am leaving my cat children at home for a week for the first time ever. I am leaving next Thursday to go on a wonderful trip to Kauai, Hawaii! I am so excited for the trip, but cant help worrying about my cats.

I have hired my brothers girlfriend as a cat sitter, and I have also enlisted a back up, just in case brothers girlfriend cant get to the house one day. I have written a long list on how to do everything, and she is coming over Sunday so I can go over feeding the animals and playing. She is even staying here, so the cats will have constant company. I have done everything possible to prepare myself.

My biggest fears are that something will happen while I am gone. What if one escapes? What if one gets sick? What if, what if, what if. Also, Leo is quite attached to me. He gets very anxious and upset when he sees me getting ready to leave. Of course he is fine once I leave because he has Dutch, but he really has an attachment to me. He sleeps with me every night and cuddles with me all the time. Is he going to become less attached and not love me as much when I get home?

Does anyone have any tips for me? How have your experiences been when leaving your cats for vacation?

And some pictures, just because :)

White cat licking

Cat photobomb

Hipstamatic Cat


White Cat Costume


  1. Hi there! we read about you on the Cat Blogosphere, and poped over to say hello from England! it's worrying to leave for a while, but as long as you have a cat sitter that is responsible and knows how important your kitties are to you, you'll be fine.

    and give them your phone number!! :-) Or at least the phone number of someone they can ask for help if they need it.

  2. It is natural for us to worry so much, but I am sure they will be just fine :) The few times I had to leave Tofu behind, he didn't love me any less, but did let me know his displeasure when I got home with his meows. Have fun on your trip!

  3. i'm in the same situation. :( i'll be leaving on a week-long trip in a few months and still haven't even found a cat sitter yet. :/ i'm really worried too.

    but it sounds like you're well prepared. :) i'm sure things will go alright.