Sunday, May 22, 2011

Book Review, "Think Like a Cat"

Think Like A Cat
How to raise a well-adjusted cat, NOT a sour puss


If you are new to cat ownership, or even if you aren't, this book is an excellent, easy read. I got a free copy of this book when I adopted my second cat. It is written by Pam Johnson-Bennett, who is a professional Feline Behaviorist.

It teaches you how to understand your cat's behavior and why your cat is doing what he does. She breaks the book down by chapter, and each chapter focuses on something different. She has a lot of great advice to offer, everything from getting your home kitten or cat ready, to how to deal with your cat and a new baby. I love that she explains how many behavior problems can be fixed with interactive play time.

She also includes a Medical Appendix at the end, which is so helpful! You can really tell that she knows what she is talking about.

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  1. thanks for sharing. :) i've seen this book in stores but had never really paid it much attention.