Friday, June 3, 2011

Back from paradise!

Hello everyone! I would first like to say sorry for not posting in awhile, but I just got back from a WONDERFUL vacation in Kauai, Hawaii. We stayed right on Hanalei Bay, in a beautiful rental home that my parents paid for. Josh, my brother, and I were so lucky to be apart of their trip this year. Every day we did something fun. What is nice about Kauai is the fact that mostly everything you want to do is free! There are so many different beaches and landmarks to visit.

I will definitely post pictures of our trip soon, but today I wanted to focus on the feral cat problem in Kauai.  Last year my parents had a cat hanging out at their condo, which was very friendly and not a feral, but they still worried she didn't have a home.  We didn't see a cat at the home on this trip, but we saw quite a few stray cats or feral cats. We even saw lone kittens and a very very pregnant mother cat.

Talking to a local shop employee, who was feeding three stray cats outside the shop, said that it is a big problem in Kauai. This led me to some research and I found "Kauai Ferals". According to their website, they advocate a "Trap- Spay/Neuter- Release" program! Which is really cool, because most feral cats wont ever be domesticated, and they are more comfortable living out their lives outside in the warm Kauai weather. What it does is ensure that these cats wont reproduce further, lessening the impact on the feral problem.

Not only is it sad that there is such a problem, it also has an impact on the Kauai wildlife, especially the birds. Feral and stray cats have to hunt for food when they aren't fed by humans. A lot of the wild life in Hawaii is endangered, and the higher number of feral cats, the more these birds will be hunted.

Kauai ferals also advocates providing food, water, and shelter to stray cats. The Hawaii Humane Society offers free spay and neuter for the feral and stray cats, which is great!

You can check out their website here!

Here are some pictures of a few of the local strays we saw.

Kauai Stray Cat
This guy was just sleeping on a chair, definitely had an owner in the past because he didn't mind my petting, and was very friendly.

Stray cat on Kauai
Then I met this little guy. He was awfully skinny, and he had already been neutered! The shop lady was a little worried about him since he sleeps a lot for a kitten. :(

Kauai stray cat

Kauai stray cat

Kauai stray cat

cat drinking
He was so cute drinking out of this flower pot!

Thanks for reading!


  1. It must be hard seeing al those cats and not much you can do for them.
    We are going to purr and purray for those lovely cats!
    xoxo Lars and James

  2. welcome back!

    yeah, i know how sad it is seeing so many stray/feral cats everywhere. it's like that throughout Japan too. :(

    glad to hear that Kauai at least has that group looking out for the cats. :)