Saturday, June 4, 2011

10 reasons EVERYONE should own cats.

Owning cats is new to me, but I have taken my responsibilities as a cat lover very seriously. I try to explain to others how much I love my cats, but most people just don't get it. Here are my favorite perks of being a cat owner, inspired by this article. 7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own a Cat.

10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own a Cat
#1: Cats will give you a sense of responsibility. Owning cats is hard work, but very rewarding. I love having the responsibility of caring for my cats, and giving them everything they need. I don't have children yet, and since owning them, I have a better idea about how I will be as a mother. 

#2: Cats will cuddle with you when nobody else can. My cat Leo never disappoints when it comes to cuddling and snuggle time. Even when Josh is at work, or out of town, I know I will have my kitties waiting for me at home.

#3: Cats will always keep you entertained.  Every cat has their own unique quirky personality! That's why it never gets old seeing the funny things your cats will do. Josh and I are always amused by Leo's ability to crawl into anything box like. We always laugh when Dutch lays flat on her back with her feet sticking out. We love watching our cats interact with each other.

#4: Cats don't need to go outside or be walked (unless you want to walk them, like I do!).  Since cats use a litter box, there is no need to take them outside for multiple potties a day. Having a dog wouldn't work for Josh and I, just because we don't have the time to do multiple walks. However, we are in the process of leash training our cats, but just for fun!

#5: Cats do well in apartments.  Cats are great apartment dwellers, BUT ONLY IF you supply them with enough vertical space, such as shelving, perches, and tall cat trees, as well as adequate play time. 

#6: Your cat will always love you, no matter what.  Cats wont judge you, and even if you forgot to play with them last night, they still love you. 

#7: Cats always think you are interesting, even when no one else does!  Both of my cats are constantly following me around, curious about what I am doing. They get especially curious when I am cleaning or showering. When we are cooking or doing something in the kitchen, Leo will jump on the counters to get a closer look. When I am in the shower or bath, Leo cries outside the curtain until he can see me again. 

#8: You can buy cool stuff for your cats.  One of my favorite parts of owning cats is buying all the cool new stuff for them. Shopping is one of my favorite things, so when I got cats, I had someone else to shop for! I love surfing etsy looking for hand made cat goods. I love going to the pet store to look at the furniture and different types of cat nip. 

#9: You can dress up your cats!  Even if your cats don't allow you to fully dress them, etsy has some amazing collars for cats, including frilly bows and bow ties and top hats! 

#10: Cats always give you something to look forward to.  Whenever I have had a long day at work, or have been on vacation, I always cant wait to get home to see my cats. I think this is one of my favorite parts about having cats.

What are your favorite reasons for having cats?

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