Sunday, May 15, 2011

DIY..visual fun for your cat

One thing I always feel guilty about is having a small apartment and two cats. I made sure to follow all the necessary steps needed to make a small apartment cat friendly, like shelves and tall cat towers. Cats need vertical space. Cats also need some visual stimulation! Outside our bedroom window is a big tree. We started by leaving the shades open at all time, because the cats really enjoy watching nature outside. We weren't seeing too much bird action, so Josh and I decided to install our own personal bird feeder! Here is how.

What you need! 
Bird Feeder
Bird Seed
Any hanging bird feeder will do, I like the long ones because then you can really see it from the window, especially from a cat's view. I have a long one like the one pictured, and also a Suet feeder! Installing the actual bird feeder is a little difficult, because you have to hang out the window and drill a hole. This is where Josh came in! 

He removed the window screen and carefully stood on a chair. We decided where we wanted to hook positioned, and he drilled a small hole, which makes it easier to screw in the hook. Make sure you dont drill a hole bigger than the screw, or it will be too loose. After the hole is present, start manually inserting the screw. Make sure it is as tight as you can get it. 

Now all that is left is to fill up the feeder and hang it up! Watch the fun begin!!

Our cats absolutely love watching the birds. We like to leave the window open a crack so they can also hear the birds chirping. Wait until you see the variety of birds that come to your feeder. We have small chick-a-dee's, finches, and even big birds- wood peckers! The cats will perch on the window sill for hours. Duchess especially makes this hilarious "Hunting" sound, and her jaw vibrates. Leo does this only when the big birds come. 

Have your cats ever done this before? 
cat chirping
Dutch making the "Hunting sound"

cat chirping
Here too!

cat watching birds
Leo watching the birds..

wide eyed cat

Leo and Dutch thank you for your time!

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