Sunday, May 15, 2011

Meet.. JOSH!

Hugging a duck

I figured that I needed to introduce everyone to my boyfriend, since I will be mentioning him through out this blog because he is part of our family! He also takes a lot of the great pictures I have of the cats. Josh lives with me and the animals in Bellevue, WA, near Seattle. He grew up in Kirkland, WA in a really cool vintage house with his parents and two brothers. 

Josh has always been an animal lover like me, growing up with cats, dogs, and chickens! He loves our cats just as much as I do, and thats why I love him! We have been together for two years, but have known each other for three. 

So now when you see me mention the name Josh, you will know who I am talking about! 

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  1. OH, I see you are not far from us...we occasionally go down to Seattle for shopping :)