Saturday, May 14, 2011

Giving Back

One thing that I wanted to really touch on in my blog is the importance of rescue. I always tell everyone that not only is it a great thing to do for the community but its also going to save them some money! When you buy a kitten or cat, or even get one for free, you still need to get its shots, spay.neuter, microchip, etc.

When you rescue, you pay ONE time, and its usually under 100 dollars per pet, and you will usually get a discount for adopting more than one animal. All of this money goes to the shelter and the cost of caring for the animals at the shelter! What is included in the adoption fee? Spay/neuter, microchip, Rabies and other vaccinations, de-worming and flea treatment, as well as testing for common cat diseases.

My favorite shelter is Homeward Pets, where both of my cats came from. They have an awesome set of staff and volunteers, who are all there for the benefit of the ANIMALS. They are very careful when adopting out animals, because they want to make sure it is the right fit. They see animals coming back constantly, and they try their best to match animals and people. They also offer an AMAZING service of spaying and neutering ANY cat or dog at a discounted price. They have onsite vet staff, which is great.

They have a list on their website of all the cats they have for adoption. They also post a cat of the week! This weeks cat of the week is actually two cats. Mason and Dixon!

Aren't they just beautiful? Homeward Pets says:

"These two fine-looking brothers stop people in their tracks when they see them. They are quite handsome and they definitely know it! Not that they are conceited, just self-confident.
MasonDixonMason is a lighter orange buff colored, his 4 year old brother Dixon is bright orange and white. They came to us from a neglectful home and deserve so much better. Getting a pair of cats who already know and like each other is a great way to go. While you're away at work, they will have each other to play with, they will groom each other and keep each other warm. When you get home you will have twice as much fun kitty time. Come on in and meet the boys, and hold onto your heart because they will be ready to steal it!
Email if you have questions, or come visit the shelter to see Mason and Dixon in person!"

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