Friday, May 13, 2011

Leo and Douglas won "Pet of the Month"!

Cat looking into fish tank

Congratulations Leo and Douglas!! 

I entered this wonderful photo to Denny's Pet World for their "Pet of the Month" Contest on Facebook. Anyone with pets in the Seattle Area should check out Denny's! One of the better pet stores in the area, they are a HUGE store that has been in the neighborhood since 1974! I even got my first guinea pig here. They carry a unique selection of cat and dog toys, and their small animal section is HUGE! 

The guinea pigs and rabbits are in these giant huge open tanks, where you can pet (but please do not pick up) the animals. There are lots of hiding places for the animals too for when they don't want to be pet, which is nice.

 I would also love to see housing like this for the rats, since they are in small tanks right now, and sometimes they seem a bit sad. Especially since they have such a big store, they could build better rat housing! I do appreciate that the rodents are expensive, to keep the large snake owners away.

One of the best parts about Denny's Pet World is Tiki, the Scarlet Macaw! She is the store Mascot! She doesn't talk unless she wants to, but maybe you will catch her on a good day.

Since we won the contest, Leo and Duchess will have $25.00 worth of new cat product VERY soon!

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