Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sleepy time.

Josh has this nasty habit of taking pictures of the cats sleeping with me, which, as you may imagine, doesn't make me too happy because I always look horrible!! This one is too cute not to post..

The cats love to sleep with me at night. Usually I will wake up with both of them cuddling with me. They dont sleep with Josh because he moves way too much, AND because they know I am their mom :)

Blog changes/Iphone candids.

I have been doing a lot of thinking, and I have decided I may go in a different direction with this blog. Instead of being strictly cats, I may change it a bit to be a life blog, one where I could post every day things and going ons with my life. Although my cats are a big part of my life, and they will continue to be a big part of the blog, I may be posting other updates every once in awhile, especially for my friends and family to read. I will be keeping the name "The Wangry Cat", because I really like it, and it is still fitting. You may be seeing some layout and banner changes, to include more about me. Thanks for your support!

candid cats
The story behind this ball is hilarious. It is his all time favorite (non interactive) toy, he plays fetch with it.

candid cats

candid cats

candid cats

candid cats

Also, I would like to let everyone know, the cats loved the automatic water fountain!! They are drinking a lot more water and are drinking directly from the running stream. So far I am very happy with it.


It's sunday night and I just got done babysitting a different kind of animal- A HUMAN! He is 21 months and his name is Asher and boy is he busy!! I am so used to being an excellent animal owner, I figured a little guy would be easy.

Boy, do I have respect for human mommies! He is a really easy baby, but at that age you have to always be watching them, because they love to get into stuff and they love to cause mischief. We had lots of fun though and I think he liked me. I fed him lunch (he can really put food away!) changed his diaper a few times, changed his clothes, brushed his teeth, washed hands, and we went to the park down the street! I look forward to babysitting him again some time soon.

Here are some pictures of the little cuteness. :)

baby asher

baby asher


Isn't he just the cutest?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Automatic Water Dish!

So today I was at the feed store for the guinea pigs' hay, and I came across a reasonably priced filtered automatic water fountain for cats. I heard that they encourage cats to drink more water, and since it has a filter and its moving water, it probably wont get so scummy. I decided to buy it and see how they liked it. I got this model:

fresh flow deluxe

It was very easy to put together if you read the directions. It was leaking at first so I had to figure out what I did wrong, but after I put it back together, it works fine. It is so quiet and the stream of water is slow. I dont think my cats would like a noisy water dish, or one with a fast stream. It's nice and big, so it holds plenty of water. When I plugged it in, the cats were immediately interested..

Cats watching water fountain

Leo wasn't afraid, but curious. Dutch on the other hand was quite cautious about the whole thing! Neither have taken a drink yet, but I will let you know if it happens. I have read that some cats wont touch the thing. We will see.

While at the feed store I also picked up one of these bad boys, I knew it would be a kicking toy for Duchess.

cat kicking sock toy

catkicking sock toy

and of course, I was right!!

On another note, sorry I haven't updated lately. I think as a new blogger it is very hard to get the motivation to post new topics regularly, especially when I am just starting out. How did you guys get the motivation and the ideas to post topics regularly? I would love to hear from you.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lazy Saturday.

Josh woke up early today and snapped these adorable photos with his iphone.

White Cat Sleeping

White Cat Sleeping

White Cat Sleeping

I love my sleepy white cat.

10 reasons EVERYONE should own cats.

Owning cats is new to me, but I have taken my responsibilities as a cat lover very seriously. I try to explain to others how much I love my cats, but most people just don't get it. Here are my favorite perks of being a cat owner, inspired by this article. 7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own a Cat.

10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own a Cat
#1: Cats will give you a sense of responsibility. Owning cats is hard work, but very rewarding. I love having the responsibility of caring for my cats, and giving them everything they need. I don't have children yet, and since owning them, I have a better idea about how I will be as a mother. 

#2: Cats will cuddle with you when nobody else can. My cat Leo never disappoints when it comes to cuddling and snuggle time. Even when Josh is at work, or out of town, I know I will have my kitties waiting for me at home.

#3: Cats will always keep you entertained.  Every cat has their own unique quirky personality! That's why it never gets old seeing the funny things your cats will do. Josh and I are always amused by Leo's ability to crawl into anything box like. We always laugh when Dutch lays flat on her back with her feet sticking out. We love watching our cats interact with each other.

#4: Cats don't need to go outside or be walked (unless you want to walk them, like I do!).  Since cats use a litter box, there is no need to take them outside for multiple potties a day. Having a dog wouldn't work for Josh and I, just because we don't have the time to do multiple walks. However, we are in the process of leash training our cats, but just for fun!

#5: Cats do well in apartments.  Cats are great apartment dwellers, BUT ONLY IF you supply them with enough vertical space, such as shelving, perches, and tall cat trees, as well as adequate play time. 

#6: Your cat will always love you, no matter what.  Cats wont judge you, and even if you forgot to play with them last night, they still love you. 

#7: Cats always think you are interesting, even when no one else does!  Both of my cats are constantly following me around, curious about what I am doing. They get especially curious when I am cleaning or showering. When we are cooking or doing something in the kitchen, Leo will jump on the counters to get a closer look. When I am in the shower or bath, Leo cries outside the curtain until he can see me again. 

#8: You can buy cool stuff for your cats.  One of my favorite parts of owning cats is buying all the cool new stuff for them. Shopping is one of my favorite things, so when I got cats, I had someone else to shop for! I love surfing etsy looking for hand made cat goods. I love going to the pet store to look at the furniture and different types of cat nip. 

#9: You can dress up your cats!  Even if your cats don't allow you to fully dress them, etsy has some amazing collars for cats, including frilly bows and bow ties and top hats! 

#10: Cats always give you something to look forward to.  Whenever I have had a long day at work, or have been on vacation, I always cant wait to get home to see my cats. I think this is one of my favorite parts about having cats.

What are your favorite reasons for having cats?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Back from paradise!

Hello everyone! I would first like to say sorry for not posting in awhile, but I just got back from a WONDERFUL vacation in Kauai, Hawaii. We stayed right on Hanalei Bay, in a beautiful rental home that my parents paid for. Josh, my brother, and I were so lucky to be apart of their trip this year. Every day we did something fun. What is nice about Kauai is the fact that mostly everything you want to do is free! There are so many different beaches and landmarks to visit.

I will definitely post pictures of our trip soon, but today I wanted to focus on the feral cat problem in Kauai.  Last year my parents had a cat hanging out at their condo, which was very friendly and not a feral, but they still worried she didn't have a home.  We didn't see a cat at the home on this trip, but we saw quite a few stray cats or feral cats. We even saw lone kittens and a very very pregnant mother cat.

Talking to a local shop employee, who was feeding three stray cats outside the shop, said that it is a big problem in Kauai. This led me to some research and I found "Kauai Ferals". According to their website, they advocate a "Trap- Spay/Neuter- Release" program! Which is really cool, because most feral cats wont ever be domesticated, and they are more comfortable living out their lives outside in the warm Kauai weather. What it does is ensure that these cats wont reproduce further, lessening the impact on the feral problem.

Not only is it sad that there is such a problem, it also has an impact on the Kauai wildlife, especially the birds. Feral and stray cats have to hunt for food when they aren't fed by humans. A lot of the wild life in Hawaii is endangered, and the higher number of feral cats, the more these birds will be hunted.

Kauai ferals also advocates providing food, water, and shelter to stray cats. The Hawaii Humane Society offers free spay and neuter for the feral and stray cats, which is great!

You can check out their website here!

Here are some pictures of a few of the local strays we saw.

Kauai Stray Cat
This guy was just sleeping on a chair, definitely had an owner in the past because he didn't mind my petting, and was very friendly.

Stray cat on Kauai
Then I met this little guy. He was awfully skinny, and he had already been neutered! The shop lady was a little worried about him since he sleeps a lot for a kitten. :(

Kauai stray cat

Kauai stray cat

Kauai stray cat

cat drinking
He was so cute drinking out of this flower pot!

Thanks for reading!